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Financial services: a matter for specialists

In a sector which has become heavily complex and changing, we know that creating value requires a perfect knowledge of the challenges that financial services companies face and of the solutions they can implement. We have decided to be focused and specialized. Our consultants can therefore speak our clients’ language; they can form relevant views on the industry and on their business challenges.

Bringing seniority and expertise

To provide our clients with a good Top Management advice, we decided to recruit only consultants with a strong consulting background and a solid understanding of financial services business. Thanks to our consultant’s profile and personality, we can address business issues in banking and insurance from the most strategic challenges to the most operational details, and to face our clients’ most complex questions

Delivering impact and lasting results

Beyond analyses, methodologies and recommendations, we assist our clients in execution with a permanent concern for results and impact. We are pragmatic and favour, when they exist, simple and result-oriented solutions. We consider that managing implementation is part of strategic thinking and that it is as much essential to be able to harness energies around a project as it is to make the right diagnosis or design a relevant solution

« Co-designing » rather than « bringing ready-made solutions »

In our projects, we favour co-construction methods that aim to involve management in defining targets and road-maps. This fosters buy-in and commitment, generates support and creates at early stage a true dynamic for change. We act as accelerators and catalysts for change, generating momentum by leveraging all the resources of the company, in accordance with its culture and specificities.

A long term relationship based on mutual respect and confidence

Through our projects, we want to embody values of professionalism, humanism, ethics and honesty. We can be passionate and determined in our believes, but we will in any circumstance stay in our consultant role and will always put our clients’ interests as our primary objective