Who Are We?

  • Our Mission

    ValueQuest assists financial institutions on various issues: growth, digital, regulatory, operational effectiveness, change programs… Our «quest for value» has different meanings...

  • The specifics of our approach

    Financial services: a matter for specialists
    In a sector which has become heavily complex and changing, we know that creating value requires a perfect knowledge of ...

  • Talented consultants

    Our consultants graduated from major business or engineering schools (French « Grandes Ecoles » ). They have from 5 to 25 years of experience as consultants in some of the most ...

Our international footprint

In early 2018, ValueQuest has joined the IMCN network which brings together independant strategy and management consulting firms froms some fifteen European countries. With more than 200 consultants, this alliance gives us an increased capacity to deliver projects across Europe...

Fields of expertise

  • Financial Industry knowledge

    Our areas of expertise encompasses the whole value chain of banking and insurance businesses: Retail Banking, Private Banking, Capital Markets, Corporate Banking ...

  • Functional know-how

    Digital & multichannel: Digital strategy, Distribution models, Customer experience, Mobile banking, Big data. Growth: Business strategy, New products / markets, ... 

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Join Us

2We are looking for consultants graduated from the most prestigious French and European engineering and business schools. Beyond their academic curriculum, they have at least a 3 to 5 year experience in a strategy and management consulting firm, ideally combined with an operational experience in banking or insurance.

Experience and expertise are essential to our consultants, but attitude and personality are as much critical… We look for strong and remarkable personalities with a real desire to participate in a human and entrepreneurial venture.

Energetic, curious, analytical, pragmatic, autonomous, passionate, accurate, creative, enthusiastic, open minded, empathic, committed, friendly,… If these qualities are yours, it is with no doubt urgent that we meet.

4When joining ValueQuest, you enter a young organization with human scale and strong growth, within which you can use and develop your talent

Main reasons for choosing ValueQuest are:

• You will develop your consulting know-how: learning consulting requires mastering various methodologies and techniques, practicing and experiencing projects and sharing experience with more senior consultants

• Sectorial expertise: beyond the expertise they acquire in projects, our consultants are regularly trained on the challenges and specifics of banking and insurance businesses

• Team work: our projects are always handled by teams with a strong involvement of Partners and a particular attention on leading consultants (we refuse to behave as « premium interim staff »)

• A « start-up » spirit: we encourage initiative taking, a true free-minded attitude and consider that relevance goes hand in hand with independence

• Attractive compensation: it ranks in the high tier of the market and grows to reflect consultants’ development path

• Access to partnership: every consultant who joins us today has in our view the potential to join at some point ValueQuest’s Partners community

1Application process is rather « classical » and consists in a series of interviews during which we will test your personality, your skills and your fit with ValueQuest culture. At the end of each interview, your interviewer will systematically answer four questions:

 Am I ready to trust this person and to start tomorrow a project with him/ her at my client’s?

 Does he/ she have anything special that makes him/ her remarkable?

 Will he/ she find his/ her place and grow at ValueQuest?

 Will I enjoy working with him/her?

To apply, please send us your curriculum with a letter that describes your personality, your expectations and how you project your career…

mailicon recruiting@valuequest-consulting.com